DoStuffZ Productions

Fun under the light

Ray of Sunshine

Some of my early work. I lost count how many times I shot this scene.


f/25, ISO6400, 1/30 sec, 33mm focal

Started out with a Canon A20 digital camera, only thing I could tweak was the shutter speed in steps of 1/3. Wasn't long before I was making it (red: the camera) do things it just couldn't do, or I was attempting to. I still had some fun and it was a good day when I could get a proper DSLR. My choise went on the Canon, because a photographer told me Canon had made this light sensor that was way ahead of any competition.

Macro shooting:

A local park has put together a long list of flowers, can be quite magical to visit with a camera, and sun out. I forgot if this was taken before or after I put the ISO at 100 (versus auto).


f/8, 1/200 sec, 135mm

"Cold Mist "- Frost and morning sun:

I went out the first real frost day of the year, got some great shots.


f/16, 1/60sec, ISO 100, 135mm focal.

Bulb'ing the new year:

Unfortunately I found a quite windy hilltop and my 300g tripod wasn't scaled for that job. I did though upgrade my tripod after this.


f/3.5, 9 sec (bulb), ISO 100


Canon EOS 80D

Primary lense: Sigma 24-70(*,**)

Secondary: Canon 70-300 EF USM

Wide-Angle: Sigma 10-20 DC HSM lense(*)

Tripod, memory cards, remote trigger, bags, timer release, POL filters(*), ND-filter(**).